Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Tikim43: My New Fave Jap Resto, Yutaka Izakaya (Sta.Mesa,Quezon City)

There are 3 reasons for me to keep coming back to a restaurant: 1.Authentic taste 2.Reasonable and Affordable 3.Good Service. Convenience/location is a plus point for me too!
Welcome to Yutaka Izakaya
Yutaka Izakaya along Aurora Blvd.
Inside the restaurant

I always pass by Yutaka Izakaya whenever I go to Divisoria and Sta.Mesa area. One time I was near Sta.Mesa and had a craving for Japanese cuisine;Yutaka Izakaya is the closest one and so I dined there. My first dining experience there was awesome, with a full stomach and a happy wallet it made me come back there for authentic Japanese cuisine.
Yakiniku Bento, my fave!!! P250.00
Gyoza + Yakiniku
Ebi Fry, Tamago, Karaage
I always order the Yakiniku Bento box that comes with miso soup costing 250.00 only! I really like this because there's meat, 2 gyoza dumplings, a slice of tamago (tastes great when you dip it in the yakiniku sauce), 1 ebi fry, 1 karaage, a little salad, and miso soup. This has everything That I want.

These are the other food that Me and Evan got to try on the many times we ate here:
Yakiniku Rice Set P180
Up close
All rice sets come up miso soup and water. I really like the miso soup here!
Katsu Ka-re P170.00
Their Ka-re (Curry) has potatoes with it, their katsu/fried breaded pork chop has a thin crust of crumbs which I think is just right.
Chirashi Bento P385.00
Rice + Japanese Tamago and other toppings
Kani Salad
This is ebi tempura
Chirashi bento has cold fried rice that are topped with diced tamago and cold ebi sushib(kakaiba!). It has Tuna, Salmon, Uni, and Kani sticks, and  Blue Marlin that are 3-4 slice each (kaka busog). This bento also has Kani salad ( cabbage strips, mango, tomato, tamago, pepino dice). Of course, all bento boxes have miso soup. Indeed, a fresh seafood meal. 
Sashimi Set P239.00
Fresh Sushi
If you want a lighter versio of the Chirashi Bento, the sushi set is right for you. It has 3 slices of Salmon, Blue Marlin, and Tuna with rice and miso soup.
Tentoji Set P168.00
Fancy presentation, plus points for me!
Tentoji set is actually Ebi tempura with egg underneath. Served with rice and miso. There's no more tempura sauce anymore since the shrimp is already partly soaked with it. Nice to eat when it is still hot! 
Kani Salad P75
Their Kani salad is not the usual ones you have in mainstream Japanese restaurants because instead of cucumber strips they use cabbage strips with kani, dices of tamago (egg), mango ebiko, and cucumber cubes.

Authentic food, reasonable and affordable pricing,  good service, simple ambiance, and convenient location (for me) this restaurant deserves a 5/5! They also have great FRESH sushi! Evan tells me the salmon sushi here are fresh, he can just eat sushi for dinner :) Oh do take note, you can order and take-out the food but the miso soup is just so small (less than 1 cup but it's still delicous!) Another note is that from all the times that I have eaten here, Unagi (eel is always out of stock, I wish they do something with it or just remove it from their menu if it's permanently out of stock.

This is my second perfect star restaurant; a must try! They have a branch over at Taft near DLSU so go try what I m talking about :D

Taste: 5/5
Quality: 5/5
Ambiance: 5/5

Yutaka Izakaya
G/F 41D Unit X Aurora Arcade, Quezon City
Contact: 713-6558
Website: www.yutakaizakaya.com


  1. I'm a big fan of authentic Japanese food, this place looks so promising! I hope I get to try it out soon.

    1. Hi yaj!:) i really think you'll like it here. Aside from it being an authentic Japanese restaurant, the price is just right! they have 2 branches, the one in taft is the new one:)