Sunday, 11 November 2012

Tikim57: Wangfu (Tomas Morato, Quezon City)

I noticed that there's a few Chinese restaurants in Tomas Morato area, so when I saw in Il Terrazo that there's a new Chinese restaurant, I asked Evan to accompany me here. Wangfu opened just months ago and I am excited to share with you my food experience in this new Chinese restaurant!
First impression before entering: wow! it's a modern Chinese restaurant. I wonder their price range. Why my thoughts was such? The place looks like an clean-upscale-modern fastfood with simple wooden accents so I wondered if their interiors made food prices higher.
Inside the restaurant
Ordering was a breeze, the menu has pictures of house specialties!

Ordered the following:
Shanghai dumplings P58.00

It has 3 pieces of dumplings that aren't actually siomai filling. The dipping sauce is not soy sauce, Im guessing it's light soy sauce with vinegar.I liked it and I ordered 1 more of these guys!
Black pepper beef rice P158.00
The serving size is good, it has enough meat for you to finish with your rice. You can really taste the black pepper sauce; it would be awesome if it's served un a sizzling plate.
Cha Chang noodles P120.00
Evan ordered this, he didn't say anything about it. So it's just a normal dish.
Chili potato strings P128.00
I was carving for fries yet avoiding them to have a better diet; so when I saw this I wanted to order it. Evan told me that it's not worth it but I didn't listen to him. Taste wise the potatoes were a bit sour instead of it being spicy. I think they were cooked with light vinegar that were just topped with chili. Well I wouldn't recommend this dish unless they do something special with it.
Honey Lemon Tea P58.00
This drink is on the sweet side. I thought it would be more citrusy but I guess the honey overpowered the drink. My suggestion got this is to have a small sauce cup so the customer can control the sweetness level.

Food and plate serving was appropriate with their pricing thus answering my thoughts on their first impression. If you want something FAST (sit-down restaurant), friendly to the wallet, and Chinese cuisine in Tomas Morato then go for Wangfu!

Taste: 3.5/5
Quality: 3/5
Ambiance: 3.5/5

Address: Unit G5 Il Terrazo building, Tomas Morato avenue corner scout madrinan street, 
south triangle, Quezon City
Contact: 7090569

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