Monday, 10 December 2012

Tikim 65: Villa Tortuga (Taal, Batangas)

Krisha and I are so lucky to had a chance to take tour and experienced the Colonial experience at the Heritage Town of Taal, Batangas and taste their best foods in town at Villa Tortuga.. Another getaway foodies at the South...
Villa Tortuga, Calle M. Agoncillo Street
Long table for family and friends
Detailed plate with vintage napkin cloth

Vintage Details on utensils
We have a 5 course meal for lunch, so.. We started off with their nutritious vegetable soup.. It was really good! The broth is so tasty plus the vegetables that they used is so delicate, malunggay and pechay "bok choi"
Spring Onion Rice
Famous Tapa
Their famous tapa was so delicious, the pork was so soft and cooked well.. 
Adobong Dilaw
This is another way of cooking adobo, it really looks like chicken curry but it's not.. They used a lot of luyang dilaw "turmeric" that's why its color is yellow obviously.. One of my favorite dish that they served...
Pininyahang Baboy
Another delicious food served to us, the sweetness and the citrusy taste of the pineapple blends well with the pork. Well balanced meal.
Atlantic Mackerel or La Caballa in Spanish
The fish was so good, so delicate and tasty. It look so simple yet the taste was so rich and succulent...
Suman "Sticky Rice" for dessert
Rich Local Chocolate

We enjoyed our dessert.. So Filipino... The rich chocolate is a must! I love the bitter sweet taste of the cocoa with milk.. The suman is not that sweet, it comes with the the rich chocolate, taste good  together..

Villa Tortuga, for those who want to go back and experience the Colonial Period, you can now experience it in Villa Tortuga you can enjoy their vicinity, the food,and their rich culture.. You can also wear some costume and take photos with your family and friend, this will be a surreal time for you guys! A throwback in the South..

Maximum capacity for Lunch/ Dinner- 50 pax.
Maximum Capacity for Overnight Stay- 10 pax. (2 rooms available)

- Lunch (5 Course Meal)
- Costume for each guest.
- Photo Pictorial
- Free 5”x7” Sepia Photo ( to be mailed)
- Guided Tour of Taal
Price: P1,500.00/ Adult
P750.00/ Child below 10 yrs
- Includes Breakfast
- 2 Rooms available
Price: P850.00/ person
B. Full Day Tour with Overnight Stay
- Includes Day Tour ( Starts at 1:30PM)
- Costume for each guest
- Dinner ( 5 Course Meal)
- Overnight Stay
- Breakfast
Price: P 2,000.00/ Adult
P 1,000.00/ Child below 10 yrs
C. House visit only – Entrance Donation is P50.00/ person 

taste: 4/5
quality: 3.5/5
ambiance: 4/5 
Villa Tortuga
Address: Calle M. Agoncillo, Taal, Batangas
Contact: 0917 824-6900 / 0927-975-1683
Contact Person: Lito Perez

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